Sunday, May 13, 2012

Start at the Beginning

Our day begins with the words:

Modah ani lefanecha מודה אני לפנך

what does "Modah" mean?

I thank You, Hashem


Jumping straight in: words to warm you and your writing up

Take a word from the list and write about it for 5 minutes or for the full length of a page without stopping. Just let it flow out, don't cross out or worry about spelling, grammar or if what you are saying makes sense. Just jump in and write!


Make a list of things you are thankful for. Be concrete.

My List
the coffee maker
my reading light
my friends Anna and Angela
all chocolate chip cookies, everywhere, at all times,
even if I never get to eat any of them

books, book stores, libraries
my fourth grade teacher Mrs Madigan
my purple glitter pen!

Think of three people...
one you want to thank
one you want to thank, but you are unable to do it
one you want to thank you, but they haven't or aren't able to do it

Write about each one

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