Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Sifirat HaOmer Day 24 -- Tiferet of Netzach: Compassion in Endurance


Day 24 -- Tiferet of Netzach: Compassion in Endurance

Healthy endurance, directed to develop good qualities and modifying bad ones, will always be compassionate. The compassion of endurance reflects a most beautiful quality of endurance: an enduring commitment to help another grow. 

Endurance without compassion is misguided and selfish. 

Endurance needs to be not just loving to those who deserve love, but also compassionate to the less fortunate. Does my determination compromise my compassion for others? 
Am I able to rise above my ego and empathize with my competitors? Am I gracious in victory?

Exercise for the day: Be patient and listen to someone who usually makes you impatient.

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Barbara Rohrer said...

a very good challenge, especially for those of us who work with many other women. the burdens of daily living often collide and leave us short of gracefulness when it comes to keeping compassion at the ready.