Sunday, April 01, 2012

Writing prompt before Passover

The most logical thing to write about this time of the year is cleaning!
But the spirit of the holiday is freedom.
I'm sure the typical Jewish woman finds that some what ironic in the days leading up to the holiday.
This quote from Shemot  is usually cut short:
"And G-d said to Moshe, 'go to Pharoah, and say to him, "thus says G-d 'LET MY PEOPLE GO...'"'" [Shemot 7:26]
It actually continues "and they will serve Me."

The point of Passover is to free ourselves to go out of Egypt and serve Hashem.

Rabbi Yehoshuah ben Levi says in the Pirkei Avot/Chapters of the Fathers 62, "there is no free man like the one who is involved with the study of Torah." 

Write about freedom.

If you can't get your head together for that, feel free to rant about clean!

Just write for a little while today.

Chag semach ve Kasher!

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