Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sifirat HaOmer Day 17 -- Tiferet of Tiferet: Compassion in Compassion


Day 17 -- Tiferet of Tiferet: Compassion in Compassion

True compassion is limitless. 

It is not an extension of your needs and defined by your limited perspective. 

Compassion for another is achieved by having a selfless attitude, rising above yourself and placing yourself in the other person's situation and experience. 

Am I prepared and able to do that? If not, why? Do I express and actualize the compassion and empathy in my heart? What blocks me from expressing it? Is my compassion compassionate or self-serving? Is it compassion that comes out of guilt rather than genuine empathy? How does that affect and distort my compassion? 

Test yourself by seeing if you express compassion even when you don't feel guilty.

Exercise for the day: Express your compassion in a new way that goes beyond your previous limitations: express it towards someone to whom you have been callous.

From the Daily Omer at Aish.com

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