Thursday, April 26, 2012

Writing Anywhere


I had to do a an imaging test at the hospital.

I knew it would be a long wait.  There was some fasting and something to drink once I was admitted and then  once the liquid was in me, it had to settle into my gut.  Of course, I also had to plain old wait my turn at the machine.

I knew I had to have something with me to pass the time. Past experience told me that to read in a place like that, the waiting room (more like a long hallway!) of the Imaging Dept. in a busy hospital would be a waste of time.  I wouldn't be able to concentrate. So instead I brought a note book and I wrote.

The possibilities around me for finding what to write about were numerous.  The setting, the people, the reasons why I was there at all that day were all good starting places for writing.

But I was nervous and not a little impatient to have it all over with, so I wrote many short things.  Poems essentially.

  • Find some kind of pen and paper, pad, notebook, or tablet to keep with you where ever you go.
  • When you are waiting on line, or on a bus, or on hold with the telephone company, take the paper out, find an object in line of sight and write what ever pops into your head.

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