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The Annual Jerusalem Writers’ Seminar Tuesday May 1st 2012

I've been twice and it was helpful, interesting and a pleasure to be in the same room with so many other Jewish women writers.

 The Annual Jerusalem Writers’ Seminar
A symposium on creating, writing, and earning!

Tuesday, May 1st- Tet Iyar, 2012

Shirat Yerushalayim Hall
Rechov Kanfei Nesharim #64, Givat Shaul, Jerusalem

9AM- 5PM, refreshments and lunch included (hechsher Badatz HaEida Hachareidis)

 This full-day program will include:

  • Presentations by Esther Heller, Tamar Ansh, Sarah Shapiro, Yael Mermelstein, Batya Ruddell, Avigail Sharer, Libi Astaire, Shifrah Devorah Witt, Yaffa Ganz, Varda Branfman, Ann Goldberg,Naomi Elbinger, Yocheved Krems, Paula Stern, and more. 
  • Publishers of leading magazines and books will be on hand for consultations
  • Special workshops on “Hands-on Writing.” Gain real practice in writing for children, historical writing, technical writing, freelance writing, grant writing, or poetry.
  • Discussion groups on wide variety of topics of interest for everyone
  • Network and meet the people behind the names!
 See schedule below

Price for the full day: 200 NIS.

For the morning session or afternoon session only- 90 NIS
For the morning session or afternoon session plus lunch-150 NIS 

** Early bird prices for those who pay by Tuesday, April 24 **   

For full day: 160 NIS
Morning OR afternoon session only: 70 NIS
Morning OR afternoon session plus lunch: 130 NIS

Seminar Schedule

8:30             Doors open for those who haven't registered
9:00-9:30     Welcome and opening address: Tamar Ansh
9:30-10:15   Yael Mermelstein: Brainstorming
10:15-11:00  Shifrah Devorah Witt  
11:00-11:30  Esther Heller: Making Your Writing Move
11:30-12:00  Sharing Our Writing with Yocheved Krems
12:15-12:45  Sarah Shapiro: Is Nothing New Under the Sun? When We're Inspired by Other Writers
1:00-2:30      Raffle, followed by lunch
2:45-3:30      Elective Workshops 

These will be hands-on workshops on writing fields. Instead of telling about the field like last year, each leader will teach
a basic skill of her field.

A. Technical Writing: Producing a Technical Instruction with Paula Stern
B. Historical Writing with Libi Astaire
C. Writing for Children: Producing an Opening Page with Avigail Sharer 
D. Poetry Writing with Varda Branfman 
3:30-4:15     Naomi Elbinger: Can a Frum Woman Build a Successful Writing Career in the Internet Age: Practical Tips, Personal Experiences, Motivation, and Realism.

4:15-5:00     Small Discussion Groups on a variety of topics 

A. Discussing writing issues with Yaffa Ganz
B. Discussing book promotion with Tamar Ansh
C. Overcoming writers' block with Batya Ruddell
D. Developing your freelance writing career with Ann Goldberg

One-on-one appointments with publishers and presenters will be available. 
This information will be sent to all participants to be arranged after Pesach.

Payment for the seminar is in cash only and can be dropped off at the following locations:

Ramot                                   Michal Borinstein                 02-586-9196
Neve Yaakov                        Chaya Baila Gavant                    585-0591
Sarai Yisroel                        Yocheved Leah Perkal                538-9578
Har Nof                               Tamar Ansh                                651-0391
Ramat Beit Shemesh             Bracha Fridrich                         991-8413
Beitar                                  Leora Gruen                               580-8970
Maaleh Adumim                   Yaffa Ganz                                  590-1879
Kiryat Sefer                          Tova Younger                        08 928-5589
Tsfat                                       Esther Heller                       04-697-2324

Please bring exact change when you pay. Early bird prices effective until Tuesday, April 24th  and must be paid by one of the places listed above in advance of the seminar.
Please note that there will be an area set aside for participants that need to bring a baby along. Please only bring babies that are young enough to sit still and be (basically) quiet.

For questions, please contact registration coordinators Michal Borinstein at or Leora Gruen at 02-580-8970.

To register: Please email Michal Borinstein at or call Leora Gruen at 02-580-8970. 
 If you are signing up for the whole day or just the afternoon session, please indicate which elective workshop and discussion group you wish to attend.

Looking forward to greeting you there,
All the best,
Esther Heller and Tamar Ansh

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