Sunday, July 15, 2012

Prayer 25 Tammuz


In the Mishnah Avot 3:15 "..and everyting is according to the abundance (quantity) of his mitzvot rather than the quality"

"with regard to tefillah, however, quality is clearly more desirable than quantity...Why does tefillah operate differently?"  pg. 101 Praying With Fire, Rabbi Heshy Kleinman Artscroll/Mesorah

Prayer is Humility.
A person, compared to Hashem, is nothing.
When we come to Him in prayer, we are admitting this reality.
Hashem has all the power. 
He is the only one making things  happen.  He is the source of all.

When we pray we are bringing ourselves to  Hashem like an offering at the Temple.  An offering had to be flawless to be an acceptable sacrifice.. So too our hearts must be pure and our intentions pure when we pray. 

How can we use these ideas to improve our wirting?

Writing and prayer are alike in many ways:

For both we have to show up on time and regularly for them to happen at all.

We have to begin!

We have to realize that without humility, we won't be able to write very well.
But we have to have a sense of worthiness, too.  We have to know that our words need to be heard.

The more we write, the easier it becomes.
If we have trouble praying or writing, most of the time the best way out of being stuck is to keep moving and eventually things break loose and they flow.

No prayer is wasted!
No writing is a waste of time!

Prayer and writing are always a work in progress.

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