Thursday, July 05, 2012

Prayer 14 Tammuz


A Jewish woman today will usually tell you she never has enough time to pray the way that she wants to.

Know this: Prayer is above time.

For example, we learn that Avraham Avinu prayed for Stoam, and those prayers preserved the Jews in exile in Egypt.

Prayer is not about time.  It isn't about quantity.  

It's about quality.

If we want to be with Hashem, He will find a way for us to do this.
Our main objective is to want the closeness, no matter how much time we have to devote to prayer.

The Maharal teaches that when we pray with sincerity, we give up our very being to Hashem, because we recognize His greatness and our inadequacy.  Humility lets us see Hashem's total power over everything in world and when we are in this place, then He can make up any lack we have. 


David HaMelekh says in Tehillim: Ani tefeelah  I am prayer.

How are you prayer?


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