Monday, June 11, 2012

Parshat Shavuah Shlach (Bamidbar/Numbers 13-15)

The spies told themselves they were weak, like grasshoppers.  Then they decided that the inhabitants of Canaan thought they were grasshoppers, too.
How did they know what these people thought when they never spoke to them?
They projected their own sense of self worth on the Canaanim.

Another issue is:  what should have been their attitude to the task of taking over the Land of Canaan?

Which is realistic?  Saying  Yes, I can  or No, I can't.
It's true that I can't do anything without the help of G-d.  I can't move my body or wake up in the morning, I can't dress myself or eat. 
On the other side, since everything is controlled ultimately by G-d and He is Infinite, I should be able to do anything, if I will it and G-d permits it.

We and the spies have to understand that we can do anything if we believe that G-d is with us.

What are you telling yourself about writing? 

Do you believe in your story?

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