Sunday, June 10, 2012

Keeping A Journal


Hashem has given us this wonderful opportunity to get closer to Him.
Are we doing all we can to take advantage of this?

One of my goals in writing is connect to G-d.  I want everything in my life to be channeled through my understanding of G-d and what His will is.

Keeping a journal is one way to use our writing to connect regularly with Hashem.

Miriam Adahan recommends writing down something that you felt happy about or liked each day.

Writing about happiness or good things is an excellent journal practice and it's also a way to keep moving forward in you relationship with Hashem.

Why?  The effect of Amalek takes over if you don't keep moving in a positive way.
Amalek is the cooling down of enthusiasm.  The voice inside that says, "so what?  Don't get carried away.  Nothing matters.  Who are you?  Who do you think you are?"  Amalek will tear down your excitement and your sense of self worth.  Sometimes it's more subtle and will tell you to "keep balanced" or to find " the middle path".

Remember that you are unique. 
Only you can tell your story.  
It'll only be told if you write it down or record it in some way.  
It's important to do and do it regularly.

Nothing in life is static and if you aren't going up and forward, you will begin to fall away.

  •  Make a commitment to write down one "Like" or happiness each day for the next week.
  • Start a journal.  It can and should be something easy and handy to write in.  One writing teacher uses kids copy books with funny covers:  it's hard to take myself too seriously when I'm writing in a Superman note book, so I tend to write more and more often!
  • OR  get yourself something beautiful, luxurious and special to write in.  And get a couple of special pens to write with.
I know that if you have been writing and reading about writing for a while that there is nothing new about what I just suggested.  Think about this, though:  this is your running dialog with G-d!  Invest something of yourself to make it happen whatever way works the best for you.

Just Do It!

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