Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekly Torah portion: Vayikra

This portion has a good example of a healthy approach to writing: the korban oleh ve'yored.
Depending on a persons' financial ability, he would bring an offering of a cow, a bird or flour.

HaShem doesn't want us to stay away because we don't have something "good enough".  We bring what ever have according to our ability.

So too with your writing.
Show up and write, write whatever you can in the time you have.  Bring yourself and accept your level, what ever kind of writer you are: a published writer, a editor, a journal writer or a poet.  A write-and-keep-it all-the back-of-a drawer-writer.
You know who you are, and so does HaShem.

Start with one of these phrases and free write.  Keep your hand moving. If you get stuck, just start again and keep writing it over and over if necessary, until something comes to you.
Write at least one page or for 5 minutes.

Here I am
Yes, I can
I'm good enough

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