Sunday, March 04, 2012

Afraid: The Awful Terror of Writing and Sharing Words

Writing is scary.

Even when no one reads what I've written, it's it still an act of courage to put the words down on the page.

I think that writing this blog is one of the bravest things I've ever done.  It is one of the most challenging.
It is more frightening and anxiety producing than surgery or illness, or job interviews.  A fear on the level with giving birth, or leaving home for Israel, forever.

Every piece I produce is much like giving birth: I am never the same afterwards.  I am more than I was before, and I have a different status. Now a mother of one, or two or three or five children, now the author of this blog, and short stories and poems.

And every word is stretching out.  My mind goes into the ether as words, onto the tarmac, are these words taking off as lint in the wind or as a bird or as a jet plane?

Or will they drop with a thud on solid ground? Into a pond and send out ripples?  Will someone, or something be moved by these words?

Fear of trying something new, fear of rejection, fear of failure.

What are you afraid of?

Writing Exercise:

Write about what you fear most, one full page or for 5 minutes. It can be a list or about one fear, about writing or anything that comes up.
Then when you are finished, if you like, tear it up!
Conquer your fears!

I'm sharing mine in the comments section.  Feel free to post yours too.

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