Monday, April 08, 2013

Typos? Not.

When I type I  make a lot of mistakes.
I struggle to type without errors.
Word processing is the best thing that ever happened to my typing.
Technology has finally caught up with my level of inaccuracy and my skill as a typist.
(I made ten! errors in the last paragraph.)

My typo of the word "praying" comes out " prying".

I sometimes feel it is a good mistake. Praying is prying myself loose from the everyday world and prying my self out of my thoughts and focusing them on Eternity and Infinity, on reality.

How many of you go through the day thinking that all of this is just an illusion?
This world is not reality, as much as it presses in on me, as much as I feel that I am dependent on the next breath of air, of my rib cage expanding again, and the food and the space I live in, the need to create order. All of it is just a lie and a test to see if  I can see, feel and experience what is beyond this world to the reality of forever.  Can I pry myself out of this space and be with Hashem?

Write about mistakes that turned out okay in the end.

Write about prying something loose.

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