Monday, January 19, 2009


Sadness locks gateways to Higher Realms
Prayer opens locked gateways to Heaven
And Simchah has the power to breakdown Heaven's ramparts!

עצבות- נועלת שערי שמים
תפילה- פותחת שערים נעולים
והשמחה- בכוחה לשבר חוצות

source unknown

What is a gateway?
Where do you find gateways?
Is a gateway exclusive?

What do gateways do:
keep something in or keep something out?

separate things?
control contact or access?
regulate flow?
give form?


Ponder these questions.
Make your own questions.
Fill at least a page.

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Michal Nancy said...

My daughter brought this quote home as a wedding favor, in a brass frame.

It fascinates me, the idea of there being an entrance to heaven, that there is a gateway to the spiritual.

First of all, that realm is open to those that make the effort to arrive there, at the gateway. There is a path or road leading to a gateway and you have to find the path, follow it in the correct direction, and then when you arrive, you have to earn entrance or know how to open the door. You need a key, the password or a pay a price. Entrance is not automatic. Entrance is earned.

A connection has to be established to open a gateway.

Hence, tefillah-prayer opens a locked gate!
connection to HaShem will open a gateway. Reaching out/ extending oneself/acknowledging the infinite makes it possible to move through a gateway or any other barrier.

And Sadness locks gates.
sad=separate=disconnected from HaShem the Infinite.
the ability to move out or forward is barred.
Sadness pushes a Jew away from HaShem, from life and choices or options. Sadness turns a Jew away into a direction of limited existence, of no hope, no future.