Wednesday, October 21, 2009

writing Jewishly---for women

I love to tell stories, read stories. Write stories.

Having a place to write and people to share with is a great way to keep the tools sharp and the words flowing.

But, unfortunately I don't have anyone to write with around here.

That's one of things I wanted this blog for: to practice writing.

I also wanted to publish writing exercises for Jewish women that are modest and keep Jewish ethical values intact while teaching creativity.

I also would like writing exercises that reflect the Jewish life cycle. Every week is different with a different weekly Torah portion, a different phase of the moon within a different month.

I wanted some writing exercises that reflect the growth that takes place in a Torah observant world by simply following the seasons, and holidays and days of the week in the Jewish calendar.

I want to write about middot-character traits and refining them-and about the mitzvot, and perfecting them.

I want to write about the three prayers: Shahrit (morning) Minhah(afternoon) and Aaravit/Maariv(evening). What they mean and what they teach.

The old adage for writers: Write about what you know.

This is what Jewish women know, really know and experience every day of every year and this is what I want to encourage them(and myself!) to write about in their writing practice. I want it to be a structured way to grow as a writer and as a Jew.

I haven't found a book yet that does these things.


If not now, when?אם לא עכשיו, אז מתי


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